Survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen


Nitronic Rush: End of the World Update (#5)

Since it’s the end of world (or something like that), we thought that it would probably be the best time to release some finished and not so finished features we’ve been developing for Nitronic Rush on the side of our normal jobs. For a quick overview, check out our latest video:


Nitronic Rush Wins Awards in hóPLAY, Fun & Serious Game Festivals

We just found out that Nitronic Rush picked up a couple awards in Spain last week! Nitronic Rush won the “Best Playability” award and Solstice (a game Jordan and Kyle simultaneously worked on) won “Best Kinect Game” in the hóPLAY competition! Nitronic Rush was also submitted to the Fun & Serious Game professional competition and actually won “Best Indie Game”, apparently beating out Dear Esther and Unmechanical.
Aside from the 6,000€ we get for each win in hóPLAY, all of the awards came with pretty cool trophies. Apparently if you line up all of the trophies from hóPLAY it spells out the festival’s logo!
If you speak Spanish, you can check out the awards show video here:

Free Music Friday (from the Commander Update)






New music in Nitronic Rush? And it’s free? Madness!! Well, I guess that it’s Friday so we’re allowed a little bit of madness. We’ve been getting a crazy number of requests about the music included with the COMMANDER UPDATE (which if you haven’t already, you should download now), so I figured we’d share what we have until we can release an “official” extension to the soundtrack.

Not only does this update include two new EPIC tracks from The Quiggles, it also includes two tracks from members of the Nitronic Rush community! Honestly, they’re pretty good, so I hope we can make this a “thing” down the road.  Anyways…


Nitronic Rush: Commander Update (#4)

As many of you know, we’ve been working hard on the 4th update for Nitronic Rush for a while now. Today we’re finally shipping the biggest update of the game we’ve ever released, the Commander Update (v.2012.06.19)!

This update features 2 new Hardcore levels, 7 new Community levels, 45 new announcer phrases, 4 new music tracks, several bug fixes, and a brand new vehicle called The Commander! You can check out all of these features in the Commander Update video above!

>> Download: Nitronic Rush v.2012.06.19.0


Awesomesauce Mini-Update (May 2012)

Hi everyone!

We wanted to give you all a quick mini-update on the team and Nitronic Rush in general since it’s been a while since we’ve posted about the game. Several members of the team (Kyle, Andrew, Jason, Andy, and myself) all graduated from DigiPen a few weeks back, so there’s been a lot of craziness with job hunting and other cool secret stuff that we’ll be talking about soon.

There have been a number of awesome community levels posted on the Nitronic Rush forums which you can go download for free! For example you can check out:

… and a few more that are all available on the forum. If you have a level that you’d like included in Update #4, make sure to upload it to the forum before June 8th (6/8/12) so we have time to check it out.

As usual, we really believe in giving back to the community and providing updates to continually improve the game. A few of us are working on new content and a few new features for the game which we hope you’ll find interesting. Until Update #4 is released (fairly soon-ish), check out some more screenshots below for one of Kyle’s new levels. On the far right there’s also a bonus teaser screenshot for a new, secret piece of “content” that Jason’s been slaving over. Let us know what you think it is!

Thanks again for all of the support, we can’t wait to see what you all think of the new content!

— Torcht

Original Soundtrack Now Available!

We’re proud to announce that the official Nitronic Rush Soundtrack is now available for download!! It’s over an hour of music in total, including fully remastered versions of almost every track.

Thanks to everyone who’s shown interest in the music from the very beginning of the project! We hope that you enjoy the music and as usual we’d love to hear what you think! You can read more about what went in to the soundtrack here:

>> Download: Nitronic Rush Original Soundtrack

Nitronic Rush Update #3

Since our community has continually encouraged and inspired us, we’ve continued to add new elements to Nitronic Rush. Today we’re shipping the newest update of the game to version v.2012.03.03.0!

This update features tweaks to existing levels, a couple bug fixes, 3 new Community levels, a new Stunt Mode level, and a new Hardcore level which is our remake of the classic Rush 2049 Gauntlet level!

As usual, to update you simply need to download the newest version of Nitronic Rush on our download page, and run the new installer. Your old scores and ghosts should be fine and won’t be deleted. We originally planned on using a patching system for this update, but since there are new audio tracks the patch would be nearly the same size as a full download. You can read the full changelist below.

>> Download: Nitronic Rush v.2012.03.03.0



Team Nitronic at GDC!

The annual Game Developer’s Conference is this week, and several members of Team Nitronic will be in attendance. If you’re a developer and you’ll be at the event, we’d love to meet you and say hello!

If you’d like to meet up, tweet us @NitronicRush or send us an email at team [at] and we’ll figure out a time/place! To reach us more directly you can reach us @torcht or @kyleholdwick since the two of us will be there pretty much the whole week.

Also, during the expo Nitronic Rush will be playable at the OnLive booth near the IGF area, as well as at the DigiPen booth. We’ll probably be hovering around those areas from time to time so you might see us there.

Either way, we hope you have a safe and fun GDC this year!

Nitronic Rush is Now Available on OnLive









For a limited time, Nitronic Rush is now available on OnLive! This is great news for our Mac and Android users since OnLive is fully supported on both the Mac OS and several Android devices like the Xperia PLAY!

Also, it looks like the most liked games in OnLive’s Indie Showcase will win something, so if you have a moment head over to OnLive’s Facebook page and “Like” Nitronic Rush. We’re #3 right now but with your help we can hopefully reach #1 (click on the massive image above).

Give the game a shot on OnLive and let us know what you think:

IGC Gamer’s Choice Award

Thanks to everyone’s votes we ended up winning the Gamer’s Choice Award at this year’s Indie Game Challenge! The whole event (D.I.C.E.) was an amazing experience for everyone, and it was a total blast hanging out with everyone in Las Vegas.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and believed in us! We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Check out the following images/links for more details on the awards.

>> Kyle’s interview with Adam Sessler during the IGC award ceremony (YouTube)

>> Official IGC page with the 2012 winners.

Nitronic Rush Update #2 (Christmas Update)

In the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season, today we’re shipping an update to version 2011.12.25.0.  The update is a small gift to our players, with a new Christmas themed Stunt level and a couple small requested tweaks.

Just like last time, to update you simply need to download the newest version of Nitronic Rush on our download page, uninstall the game, and run the new installer. Your old scores and ghosts should be fine and won’t be deleted. You can read the full changelist below.

[Soundtrack Update]
We also posted a sample song from the upcoming soundtrack today! The song is called End to a Violent Heart and was the song used in the Release Announcement Trailer. You can listen to, download, and comment on the song on here on Soundcloud.

>> Download: Nitronic Rush v.2011.12.25.0

>> Listen: End to a Violent Heart (Extended Mix)



Nitronic Rush Update #1

Despite it being finals week for us at DigiPen, we still wanted to get the newest update to you guys! Today we’re shipping the update to version 2011.12.12.0.  It’s a pretty small update with 5 new levels, a few bug fixes, and tweaks to existing content.

To update you simply need to download the newest version of Nitronic Rush on our download page, uninstall the game, and run the new installer. Your old scores and ghosts should be fine and won’t be deleted. You can read the full changelist below.

>> Download: Nitronic Rush v.2011.12.12.0