Survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen

The Team













Team Nitronic is comprised of 11 people in total, including programmers, artists, and composers.

    • Kyle Holdwick: Executive Producer, Gameplay Programming, Obstacle Logic
    • Andy Kibler: Game Designer, Level Design
    • Chris Barrett: Technical Director, Architecture, Trick System, Menu Logic/Design, Website/Server Admin
    • Andrew “Angrew” Nollan: Graphics Programmer, Art Director, Obstacle Logic, Gameplay Programming, Level Editor Logic
    • Jason Nollan: Physics Programming, Vehicle Design/Modeling, Gameplay Logic
    • Laura Borgen: Concept Art, Texturing
    • Eddie Peters: Concept Art, Modeling, SFX
    • Ariel Gitomer: Concept Art, Modeling
    • Nathan Aldrich: Concept Art, Modeling
    • Jordan Hemenway: Audio Director, Music Composition, Sound Design, Website Development
    • M.J. Quigley “The Quiggles”: Music Composer, Interactive Music Layers
The best ways to contact us are either directly at team [at], on Facebook, or via Twitter.